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R.I.P. peniscock23 2019-2020

I missed the first half of this live but managed to catch the last half live. Was a very good episode. Now Acock is dead and mycock is limp ???

missed the first half but everything i heard from the second half was kino

Sorry I never got to go on the show, good luck with whatever's next boys!!

Woo the big boss man himself! Gotta catch up with these soon...

It's been a blast. Seems like an epic finale.

what a way to end it

No mention of me during the Pixel Day segment? Im sadddd. Lol jk but great interview guys! Can't wait to see the new project! Thanks for mentioning the pixel day stuff, it's good stuff. It's interesting to know what's in store for ng's future. Id love to see @TomFulp on Hot Ones and try to down some spicy wings while promoting Newgrounds to the masses. We should spam those guys.

On a serious note, if not live action content from everyone, I always wished there was an official newgrounds live action show like for updates and interviews at the newgrounds office.

PS: to get out of the alien jail in the baby Hitler game, you look for a panel behind you by the table on the floor, then talk to the alien say it's your birthday and you get cake. Use the gun from the floor panel to shoot out the light and the aliens, then throw the cake on the cell lock, shoot the lock, then you'll see this is a first person dungeon crawler with some activities and find your way out. It's fun. It has some cool Easter eggs. Not easy but yeah I loved that game.

why tf aint i there

You can of soap, you forgot me.Ahhh! Sorry about that, I really enjoyed this amazing podcast and just listening to it while I animate or just draw. I always loved NewGrounds ever since I was introduced to it. But I never talked to other NewGrounds creators until I stumbled across Acock. I met really rad/cool people while I was on the acock discord server and it was great. So thanks for making this podcast because if you didn’t then I wouldn’t have met these nice pals. Okay bye.

@RealFaction That would be really nice actually if NewGrounds did that and if Tom Fulp was on Hot Ones.

@DaVaP was thinking the same but we know who was present

A live action podcast thing to port over on YT and bring in more and more people here hmm! That'd be pretty cool too.

Ah fuck, this is the first episode I’ve heard

thot hoiqwheirevhihoreišwh

acock = a cock